Patch box of Queen's House Greenwich C1800

Patch box of Queen's House Greenwich C1800

Code: E0637


W: 5.5cm (2.2")H: 2cm (0.8")D: 4cm (1.6")

£790.00 Approx $943.85, €914.35

Rare enamel patch box, the sky blue base with wriggle-work decoration.  The white ground lid has an over-coloured print of the Queen's Palace, Greenwich.  Bilston C1800.  Internal mirror.  


The architect Inigo Jones was commissioned to design the building in 1616 by King James I’s wife, Anne of Denmark but she never lived to see Inigo Jones’s progressive Classical design realised, dying in 1619 with only the first floor completed. It was not until 1629, when James’s son Charles I gave Greenwich to his wife Henrietta Maria, that work on it resumed

Provenance: ex; Ionides collection.